Pur Wool Winter Cloak. Lining available. If you  Like lining in Dark Brown or Light Beige please let u sknow. Lining will cost $89.99 Additional to this cloak.


Perfect for Canadian winters for hiking or camping. Ginger brown with red and peacock blue tweed wool fabric.


We custom make the cloaks in Toronto, Canada. Our all products are made in Canada. You can wear our cloaks on an any occasions like Parties, Cosplays, Themed party, Wedding, Camping, Hiking ,Fishing and etc..


Features & Materials included:


  • 7 - 8 yards of  Pure wool Fabric we used in construction
  • Plenty of room for easy movement.
  • Full Circle Cloaks
  • Matching Ties at the neck


For the perfect measurments please measure from your shoulder tip to floor length Also, if you like to add the arm holes to your cloak pleae email us and let us know. No extra COST.

Pure Wool Winter Cloak, Camping Cloak,Made in Canada Cloaks