• Carefully Hand Pleated - All the way around
  • Hand Stiched with very strong hook and loop fasteners enclosure 
  • Made with Poly Viscose material - machine washable
  • Priced for waist size 24' to 38'  
  • Length is 12' to 20'
  • Extra charges apply for sizes outside the above ranges.



SOHOSKIRTS  custom make skirts to your specific shape and contours of your body.  The skirt's measurements depends on where and how you want the skirt to hang.    Typically, the skirts can be worn: 

a) Around your belly area 
b) Below your navel area 
c) Around the hip bones. ( low cut) 


Therefore, decide how you'd like to wear the skirt, then use a measuring tape and measure that exact area in inches.  Please don't simply use your jean or pant sizes. ( they may not be most accurate numbers) 


Measure your length of how long you'd like to skirt to hang- and then simply pick that lengths in the sizing chart. 

      Navy Colour Plaid Pleated Skirt~small to Plus size school Girl Uniform Skirt